Ksavi Workforce – Field service management

Ksavi Workforce – Field service management


Ksavi Workforce field service management offers a solution for improving employee productivity, lowering operating costs and increasing profitability in organisations delivering services in the field. Our software enables real-time connectivity between service centre and mobile workers boosting number of jobs done per day. Optimal job scheduling connected with mobile asset management increases customer satisfaction keeping company reputation on high level.

A friendly user interface helps the management staff organize mobile personnel’s work in an intuitive way as well as plan, monitor and appraise the appointed tasks.

Due to applying mobile devices and digital maps, optimizing routes and GPS optimization, the complete time of performing the tasks may be reduced, which results in improved field employee’s efficiency.


  • Minimizing the costs of performing the services due to the entirely electronic task flow, control over the used warehouse resources, reducing administrative duties,
  • Increasing the time of the effective work of the mobile personnel due to the use of the application launched through mobile devices such as a tablet, a smartphone, a PDA,
  • Reducing the time and costs of transportation due to routes optimization, GPS optimization and using digital maps,
  • Monitoring the quality of the services due to the regular control of performing the tasks on time and valid SLA terms,
  • Improving the work of management staff due to the intuitive interface of work planning, handling the orders, defining periodic orders and clearing accounts with clients, employees and subcontractors,
  • Standardizing standards and sealing the processes due to the use of a flexible process engine and appropriately copied organizational structure,
  • Improving the effectiveness and quality of the performed works due to making decisions on the basis of up-to-date field data and cross-section operational reports.


  • Optimal schedules of mobile personnel works: plan and optimize your resource activities with drag & drop scheduling, keep track of appointments with your customers, record all employee absences and availability time, color-coded activities on schedules, manage order scheduling in mode of order queue or in timeslot manner, plan order realisation in detailed hourly task schedules, let the system prompt you the best assignment of team to task,

  • Improving the work order management according to the previously defined process, enabling division of the orders into specific tasks, division of the tasks between employees or a team as well as monitoring and verifying their work,

  • Supporting management of critical orders, incidents, SLA requirements and periodic scheduled works,

  • Employees and operational units  including employee management, create employee availability and absences calendar, assign employees to operational units, assign and track employee resources, view individual task schedule, Build employee structure with field teams and management units, Assign certificates, competences and other qualifications to plan optimally, Modelling of service area hierarchy,

  • Inventory management including functional warehouse fed with inventory documents, keep track of stock movements with inventory documents, custom resource types and fields, easy resource type management with assignment to resource groups, virtual warehouses on employees and customers, create structure of warehouses,

  • Reporting customers’ data, objects, orders, tasks, locations, SLA agreements, employees, organizational units extended by an opportunity to adjust the scope of the stored data to one’s own needs,

  • Reporting warehouse documents and any resources along with information on their current location,

  • Digital maps presenting view team orders, view customer objects, view unassigned orders, team field tasks on map, unassigned tasks on map, choose order realization location from map, order details available from map, task details available from map,

  • Reports based on a flexible report engine.



Application presentation Ksavi Workforce in PDF format. Videos showing how to use mobile field service software in some business cases.

Mobile apps

  • 2A list of tasks assigned to a mobile employee along with the detailed data needed to perform these tasks,
  • An opportunity to describe the effect of the performed tasks, including settlement data (L+M+T),
  • Adding multimedia files (such as photos, films) to the tasks and scanning bar codes by means of a camera built into the device,
  • Presenting a current position, places of task completion and routes on the map by means of a GPS receiver,
  • Extended opportunities to integrate with equipment components of the mobile device and Android apps (e.g. a portable printer, Augmented reality).


rejestracja nowego zlecenia workforce

Registration of new order includes set data on the client, its facilities, the date of execute an order and the SLA agreements.

harmonogramy zadań ksavi workforce

The functionality associated with schedules provides a clear way of presenting the planned tasks, it helps in the allocation of work, and suggests the optimal choice of filmmakers.


The functionality associated with maps enables the presentation place of the execution of scheduled tasks and determination of optimal routes for executive teams.

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