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     Alias Sp. z o.o. – is an operator of telecommunications infrastructure. The main goal of the company is to be an infrastructure provider for small and medium ISP and cable TV operators as well as large telecommunications operators.

Reference letter dated 2021.09.10

       BMM Sp. z o.o. – Supports companies in digital transformation, increases the efficiency of hospitals, corporations and other organizations by implementing modern IT and organizational solutions, analyzing data, advising and training. Softelnet provides integration components for medical care centers as a part of a distributed Medical Information System.

Reference letter dated 2020.11.19

     Telem Group – is the main provider of telecommunications services on the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. As part of the cooperation, Softelnet provides KNO and GNI systems and develops modules dedicated to Telem Group.

Reference letter dated 2020.07.27

       VECTRA SA – is one of the leaders in telecommunications services. It offers TV, VOD, Internet and telephony. As part of the cooperation, Softelnet launched and maintains the integrated KSAVI system to activate telecommunications services (Umbrealla Service Provisioning) offered as part of the Vectra group’s operation.

Reference letter dated 2020.06.29

cubeCUBE. Corporate Release SA – specializes in creating and supplying innovative technological solutions for medium-sized and large IT and telecommunications companies. One of the services provided by Softelnet within the framework of the cooperation is outsourcing of IT specialists for the purpose of big projects for corporate clients.

Reference letter dated 2012.01.02
Reference letter dated 2011.04.07
Reference letter dated 2010.12.29

orangePolska Telefonia Komórkowa Centertel Sp. z o.o.
– a mobile network operator offering mobile and landline phones, mobile and landline Internet access, data transfer and multimedia services under Orange brand. PTK Centertel is owned by Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. One of the projects realized during the long cooperation is implementing the Sales Information System, supporting the quality standards control within PTK Centertel sales and services network and covering all components of the organizational structure (company outlets, agent stores, franchise stores).

Reference letter dated 2012.12.19
Reference letter dated 2002.08.30
Reference letter dated 2002.06.27

sygnitySygnity S.A.
– one of the largest IT solutions suppliers in Poland. The Sygnity group was formed by joining ComputerLand and Emax companies. One of the services provided by Softelnet within the framework of the cooperation is outsourcing of IT specialists for the purpose of big projects for corporate clients.

Reference letter dated 2004.11.10
Reference letter dated 2004.11.10 – English translation
Reference letter dated 2004.01.15

interInterpro Sp. z o.o.
– deals with creating advanced based systems, mainly by means of J2EE and related technologies.

Reference letter dated 2005.09.06

opalOpal Maksimum
– one of the largest Silesian commercial properties companies located in southern Poland. The services provided by Softelnet include manufacturing and maintaining a dedicated software based on the MatroX-Sales GSM system.

Reference letter dated 2005.09.06

hdsHDS Polska
– one of the companies forming the Lagardere Services (previously Hachette Distribution Services) group, the largest press distributor and retailer operating in 20 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. The company has been operating in Poland since 1997 and developing dynamically. Its nation-wide retail chain includes brands such as Inmedio and Relay. After 14 years of development, the HDS Polska network consists of around 600 stores.

Reference letter dated 2012.03.21

cherb_1Wieliczka District Starosty
– focuses on automation and digitalization of the office so that the citizens and tourists do not have to deal with lines in the office, and the personnel may gain new qualifications. Softelnet provided the Starosty with Oracle database software.

cherb_2Limanowa District Starosty
– uses comprehensive IT solutions in terms of information security management and raising the personnel’s qualifications. Softelnet provided the Starosty with Oracle database software.

pgeGE Dystrybucja S.A.
Zamość Division – the company’s primary business activity is distribution of electricity in accordance with a granted license. PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Zamość Division supplies electricity to 428 thousand recipients.

kwKompania Węglowa S.A
. – by taking part in the bituminous coal mining restructuring process, the company creates its innovative market, production and financial image of a functionally organized, effectively managed company, trustworthy for its business partners.

Reference letter dated 2012.04.06

cherb_3Kłodzko District Starosty
– uses ePUAP system (electronic Platform of Public Administration Services) due to which citizens may use its services online, and the representatives of public entities may share their services in an electronic form free of charge. Softelnet provided the Starosty with Oracle database software.

Reference letter dated 2012.04.18


– one of the largest software manufacturers in the world. It creates IT solutions for the purpose of broadly defined company management, and in particular database management systems. As a business  partner Softelnet is a distributor of Oracle Business Intelligence solution and Oracle databases.

– specializes in creating professional software and provides IT business services, particularly in terms of OSS, ERP, TT, WFM and FSM systems. Requinno is also a manufacturer of the WorkSIDE system distributed by Softelnet..

– specializes in creating and supplying innovative solutions improving business processes conducted by clients from numerous branches. One of this solutions is Sales Network Control Support System eCatio distributed by Softelnet.

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