Sales support

Sales support


For many years, Softelnet has been improving its solutions in the sales support area. The experience we gained allowed us to create systems which constitute valuable help in sales processes performed on the market which is subject to dynamic changes in terms of:

  • Managing work organization and effectiveness of internal procedures,
  • Taking care of the quality of customer relationships,
  • Acquiring and transferring information improving the effectiveness of marketing activities and sales representatives’ work,
  • Presenting data enhancing the process of making key decisions.

Softelnet offers both complex solutions ensuring support of all crucial sales processes and less elaborate tools focused on a particular sales aspect, due to which it is able to respond to its’ clients diversified need. Basing on functionalities provided in the form of  ready solutions, we design dedicated software at our clients’ request, preferably one supporting critical areas of the company’s business activity. Among our independent products, it is especially worth paying attention to the following systems:

If you wish to learn more about the capabilities of our solutions, we encourage you to try our independent product:

  • Customer relationship management – Ksavi CRM is a web app designed for companies whose priority is taking care of high level of customer service,
  • Standard management – Ksavi Auditor is a web app designed for companies aiming at improving the quality of their services and succeeding by using high organizational standards,
  • Sales support – MatroX-Sales is a desktop app designed to support main processes related to sales network management, from the sales itself, through warehouse processes management, to simplifying standard control.

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