Provisioning of services and resources of a telecommunications operator

Provisioning of services and resources of a telecommunications operator


Ksavi Provisioning is an IT system which supports providing and maintaining services provided by telecommunications services suppliers such as cable television operators, Internet service providers, VoIP service providers and mobile virtual network operators. The system completes provisioning orders by performing basic operations on specialized sub-systems which, by operating within the existing operator’s equipment and service infrastructure, ensure providing specific services for end clients. The solution is adjusted to operate as the Umbrella Management System, covering various technologies of specialized systems. Ksavi Provisioning may operate as an independent system or as a component of the operator’s integrated environment by sharing the user’s graphic interface and integration API.


  • Ensuring high quality of customer service due to reducing the time needed to ensure providing a client with the required services,
  • Easy integration with BSS/OSS systems by means of available APIs compatible with TMForum standards (e.g. eTOM, SID),
  • Automation of conflict situations and handling mistakes of specialized systems,
  • Quick access to the records of the provided services along with a provision events log,
  • Maintenance-free completion of provisioning processes.


  • A catalogue of resources and services along with configuration tools,
  • A record involving the resources used to provide services (e.g. cable modems, binary decoders, SIM cards, number base),
  • A record of clients and the areas of provided services,
  • Predefined integration with particular specialized systems,
  • A flexible and customizable process engine,
  • Integration aPIs compatible with TMForum standards,
  • An option to register deferred tasks,
  • Managing conflict orders,
  • Order archiving,
  • Synchronizing the services between systems while maintaining full data cohesion,
  • Complex management of emergency situations during processing provisioning events (manual tasks, automatic renewals, a compensation mechanism),
  • A complex and flexible authorization system enabling creation of a specific scope of access to data and system functionalities,
  • Rich graphic interface enabling detailed insight into the history of completed tasks.



Subscribers evidence for which you can execute telecommunications orders.


Comprehensive service of telecommunications orders, including registration ordinary and deferred orders, queuing orders, mass operations on orders.


Manual service operations with error handling within the order.


Diagnostic and management of processes that convert telecommunications orders.


Creating orders using the advanced editor.


Process modeling in BPMN notation.

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