Ksavi Workflow – document flow

Ksavi Workflow – document flow


Ksavi Workflow is an IT system meant for automation of a company’s business processes in terms of document, information and task flow among the employees. Thanks to the access to the app, the users may participate in the process by means of a web browser (also in a mobile version) not only in a workplace.

The system complexly supports the flow of all information within the company, reducing the time required to get access to key data to the minimum.

The user has an opportunity to follow the up-to-date company’s data, electronic documents are safely archived, and the service process and completed procedures are standardized.


  • 4Increasing the effectiveness of work due to the fast transfer of information in unified or scattered organizational structures,
  • Reducing the administrative costs related to the standard way of creating, transferring and storing documents,
  • Improving the flow of information between among employees, minimizing problems related to imprecise or incomplete information
  • Improving the level of control over task completion and the quality of documents,
  • Safe archiving of documents due to storing the data on secured servers, the system of file system permissions and backups created on a regular basis,
  • Improving the process of making key decisions due to the opportunity to quickly find and juxtapose documents and the advance mode of reports and analytical views.


  • Supporting a company’s document flow,
  • Archiving a company’s internal documents,
  • Registering incoming and outgoing correspondence,
  • Keeping a record of invoices and agreements,
  • Advanced search of documents on the basis of various criteria,
  • Electronic resources and reservations management,
  • Task management,
  • Electronic storing of forms and applications,
  • Sending messages between users,
  • Access to the history of changes and the previous versions of documents,
  • Generating a list of documents,
  • Drawing up reports on task completion,
  • Drawing up summaries concerning the status of applications.

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