Field work management

Field work management


By cooperating with telecommunications companies for over 10 years, we came to a conclusion that a complex infrastructure network does not have to result in excessive maintenance costs. The key aspect of the majority of cases turns out to be efficient use of a company’s human and material resources.

Well-integrated IT tools which enable significant automation of the process of delegating tasks to field personnel and assigning resources necessary to perform the tasks are certainly extremely helpful in achieving this goal. Such tools allow one to greatly reduce the scope of management staff’s responsibilities and reduce losses resulting from human error.

We used the knowledge gained as a result of cooperation with large telecommunications companies to create advanced solutions which may also be applied by Utilities companies. They are meant for different kinds of companies, both such having their own technical facilities and cooperating with subcontractor network and such providing maintenance, repair or installation services on ordering parties’ premises.

We encourage you to learn more about our product designed to support field work:

  • Ksavi Workforce – a web app meant for companies which would like to minimize costs of providing their services and optimize employee management at the same time.
  • Mobile workforce management software web page for optimal task scheduling, field service delivery support, work order and mobile inventory asset management.

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