MatroX-Sales Mobile – mobile sales support

MatroX-Sales Mobile – mobile sales support


MatroX-Sales Mobile is an innovative app enabling active management of sales network in all kinds of companies. The system was designed to support sales representatives’ field work and perform processes connected with information flow within the company’s organizational structure. Its main tasks are: increasing effectiveness of sales activities within a whole company, detailed control over field sales, ordering goods in a more effective manner, immediate realization of promotional activities and reporting on market needs and competition activity.

MatroX-Sales Mobile is an open and reliable solution enabling integrating the system with many warehouse, financial and accounting systems and adjusting it to customers’ needs and requirements.

Currently, Softelnet offers MatroX-Sales solutions designed for the following branches: FMCG, pharmaceutics, telecommunications and insurance.


  • Full control over sales processes, even in a scattered distribution network,
  • Full control over costs generated by employees,
  • Cost optimization,
  • Improving customer service,
  • Supporting a sales representative’s daily work,
  • Increasing employees’ effectiveness – reducing the time of reporting to supervisors to minimum,
  • Making sales and order processes more effective,
  • Making communication between system users more effective,
  • Access to complete database of knowledge on customers and a history of contacts,
  • Supporting decision-making and planning processes due to reports,
  • Coordinating work of particular representatives,
  • Control over traders’ sales techniques,
  • Registering effectiveness and efficiency of traders’ daily visits,
  • Research on price levels and services of competitors,
  • Analyzing and planning product life cycle.


  • Planning and organizing sales calls,
  • Verifying counterparties’ dues prior to completing the order,
  • Verifying current company’s inventory,
  • Making electronic orders at headquarters,
  • Generating and printing transaction documents,
  • Managing promotional and marketing activities,
  • Filling surveys, forms and documents (on competitors or relating to merchandising),
  • Importing sales plans and exporting sales results in the XLS format,
  • Communicating with other users of the system by means of an internal message mode,
  • Access to the data of subordinate sales representatives,
  • Generating reports based on data acquired by sales representatives,
  • Sales planning,
  • Customer segmentation according to assigned criteria,
  • Information on sales representatives’ work effectiveness,
  • Research on customers’ potential within a territory, region or all sales channels,
  • Analyzing the effects of sales representatives’ activities,
  • Receiving orders and other information collected in the field in an electronic form,
  • Effective planning of daily work (route management),
  • Automation of daily tasks related to ordering goods and customer service,
  • Verifying information on customers and their previous orders,
  • Access to messages sent from the headquarters and other divisions of a company,
  • Access to up-to-date product database organized according to assigned order,
  • Access to tools enabling insight into the effects of one’s activities (target realization).



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