Ksavi CRM – customer relationship management

Ksavi CRM – customer relationship management


Ksavi CRM is an IT system supporting customer relationship management. It is meant for companies whose priority is maintaining a high level of customer service. It enables creating a complete database of customer-related information which is why it improves the processes related to customer services and the effectiveness of sales representatives’ actions.

Thanks to the division into hierarchical structure of customers, sub-catalogues, an opportunity to attach documents drawn up during business talks, an advanced web browser and a reporting mode, Ksavi CRM supports business process related to customers, and in particular improves consultants’ work.

An intuitive user interface and a flexible authorization system enable adjusting the system to individual needs of each company.


  • 9An opportunity to increase incomes by helping to prepare long-term sales targets,
  • Improving business relationships by operation monitoring from the date of introducing a potential customer,
  • Improving customer service by centralizing customers’ data, which results in reducing the time needed to find relevant information,
  • Access to information helpful in making key decisions due to the use of the advanced reporting mode,
  • Adjusting the offers to the particular customers in a more effective way,
  • An opportunity to use the app at any location with Internet access.


  • Complex customer database management, an opportunity to define features associated with customers,
  • Customer relationship management, defining types of events, planning consultants’ tasks, planning employees’ tasks by managers,
  • Reviewing the tasks which are to be performed,
  • Copying the company’s organizational structure in a form of a hierarchy including different levels, e.g. headquarters – regions – outlets – employees,
  • Drawing up reports using data collected in the system, e.g. on consultants’ effectiveness, a number of acquired contacts, planned meetings,
  • Modifying the app access authorizations.

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