Standard and service quality control

Standard and service quality control


Softelnet solutions supporting standard control provide excellent tools for sales and service companies which wish care about high level of service providing. Thanks to flexible supervision over abiding by internal procedures and the effectiveness of these procedures, companies are able to permanently improve their internal processes and, at the same time, perceiving their brand by customers.

  • Managing work organization and effectiveness of internal procedures,
  • Taking care of the quality of customer relationships,
  • Acquiring and transferring information improving the effectiveness of marketing activities and sales representatives’ work,
  • Controlling cash and warehouse processes,
  • Presenting data enhancing the process of making key decisions.

The designers of our systems understand that the work of personnel dealing with audits is characterized by high mobility and is frequently performed under time pressure. This is why the solutions which they offer are always based on high intuitiveness level and software readability. Softelnet’s broad experience in this area resulted in two independent products of the company:

If you wish to learn more about the capabilities of our solutions, feel free to try our independent products:

  • Standard management – Ksavi Auditor is a web app designed for companies aiming at improving the quality of their services and succeeding by using high organizational standards,
  • Sales support – MatroX-Sales is a desktop app designed to support main processes related to sales network management, from the sales itself, through warehouse processes management, to simplifying standard control.

In order to respond to various procedures and the specificity of our clients’ branch, we are willing to create dedicated solutions characterize by precise copying of companies’ internal processes and high level of integration with other systems used at companies.

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