Knowledge and qualification evaluation

Knowledge and qualification evaluation


Softelnet managed to create solutions which effectively support the processes of knowledge evaluation and raising employees’ qualifications. Our offer may serve both as lecturers’ and business coaches’ work support and a way of providing staff with measurable proofs of effectiveness of undertaken activities.

In the era of high personnel mobility, a possibility of remote work and learning becomes more and more significant. Softelnet responds to these trends by putting emphasis on flexible solutions which might be applied on e-learning platforms. Various scoring options and ways of sharing results ensure that a user receives important feedback on their performance.

Our solutions are helpful in undertaking such activities as:

  • Preparing a schedule of intended trainings or coach meetings,
  • Selecting employees who use the offered program in a most effective manner,
  • Designing and conducting tests and surveys (both signed by name and anonymous) constituting a part of the training,
  • Filling documents which sum up undertaken actions.

Complex report modes allows management staff to monitor current results of implemented proceedings strategies and evaluating their influence on the company’s functioning.

If you wish to learn more about the capabilities of our solutions, we encourage you to get familiar with our independent product:

Our designers may additionally offer solutions adjusted to individual clients’ needs.

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