Supporting company management

Supporting company management


Business activity of a successful organization is largely dependent on applying IT solutions supporting management staff in a broad range of activities such as planning, organizing, controlling and reporting. Effective and well-integrated IT systems enable reduce the amount of work significantly, for instance by:

  • Automating processes bearing human error risk,
  • Standardizing internal procedures of an organization,
  • Gaining knowledge ensuring easy insight into a company’s current condition,
  • Improving the level of control over the quality of performed tasks,
  • Providing feedback on the effectiveness of performed tasks by means of reports and multi-dimensional analyses which largely support the process of making decisions crucial for further development.

This is why Softelnet experts created a broad range of products meant to support management staff in the company management process. They include two product lines: innovative Ksavi web apps and traditional, desktop MatroX systems. You can find more information on the pages of particular products:

  • Ksavi Auditor – control over standards of provided services,
  • Ksavi Workforce – complex management of task realization and work management,
  • Ksavi Learning – a flexible e-learning platform,
  • Ksavi CRM – customer database management,
  • Ksavi Workflow – automating business processes related to document flow,
  • Ksavi Monitor – a system designed to manage integrated sensor network and intervention units,
  • MatroX-Sales – basic version of a tool designed to support sales processes,
  • MatroX-Sales Pharma – a sales support app designed for medical representatives,
  • MatroX-Sales Insurance – a sales support app designed for insurance branch,
  • MatroX-Sales GSM – a sales support app designed for GSM dealers,
  • MatroX-Work – a work time reporting system available through a web browser.

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