Ksavi OSS Suite – telecommunications services management

Ksavi OSS Suite – telecommunications services management


Ksavi OSS Suite is an extended IT system supporting the processes occurring in a telecommunications network. It allows telecommunications operators to manage the most significant areas of their OSS-related (Operations Support System) business activities. Due to applying innovative architecture, each subsystem, on its own or in cooperation with other elements of the solution, realizes the processes compatible with the eTOM specification prepared by TeleManagement Forum.

Ksavi OSS Suite consists of particular systems available in Softelnet’s offer and modes ensuring integrating the systems into one coherent ICT system. Furthermore, its architecture enables integration with other outside systems according to the common standards and latest technologies.

Ksavi OSS Suite realizes business processes, supporting the operator in the following areas:

  • Business Process Workflow – business processes management,
  • Network Inventory – keeping record of telecommunications network resources,
  • Fault Managament – managing emergencies and events occurring within the network,
  • Field Service Management – mobile personnel’s work management,
  • Service Inventory and Provisioning – keeping records and providing services,
  • Customer Management – customer database management,
  • Trouble Ticket – problem management.

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  • 7supporting the user and increasing the level of automation on each stage of OSS processes realization,
  • a complete solution reduces the need for integration with other elements of the OSS environment,
  • low integration cost thanks to the flexible architecture and applying interfaces compatible with approved standards,
  • high level of configurability enabling adjustment to the user’s individual needs and a dynamic situation on the service and product market,
  • short implementation time thanks to integrating finished products into one coherent OSS system,
  • minimal costs of maintaining and developing the system, also in case of extending a telecommunications network, thanks to a high level of scalability of the solution,
  • the whole system may be implemented in a few stages without high initial costs,
  • an opportunity to create any statements or cross-section analyses by means of an extended report system.

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