Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions


Over the past years, there has been a significant increase of professions requiring use of IT solutions when performing business responsibilities both in and outside the office. The evidence includes an increased interest in mobile software such as smartphones (multitask phones) and tablets, frequently equipped with a built-in GPS receiver and a camera and enabling smooth use of maps, navigation or augmented reality.

Benefits of such an approach are tremendous; they include permanent access to necessary information and apps, an option to monitor current changes in other teams, effective communication of employees, increased flexibility of business activities without the risk of losing control over the quality of performed tasks.

Softelnet’s excellent understanding of modern times results in the attempt at meeting current needs of IT system users in numerous ways. Our solutions include:

  • Dedicated solutions for the Android platform – for instance mobile apps of Ksavi Monitor and Ksavi Workforce systems,
  • Web Ksavi apps – enabling work by means of a web browser on any PC, laptop or innovative device such as a smartphone/tablet without the necessity to conduct additional installations,
  • An option to create a light version of our web apps, adjusted to the limits of browsers of older mobile devices in a better way,
  • Dedicated Windows Mobile solutions – for instance MatroX-Sales Mobile tool.

Our mobile solutions are designed so as to meet raised ergonomic standards for mobile devices. Easy integration with other IT systems used by a company are equally important for us. This is why our solutions are invaluably helpful for anyone whose work is related to constant movement.

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