Ksavi Learning – employees’ knowledge management

Ksavi Learning – employees’ knowledge management


Ksavi Learning is an innovative learning platform meant for enterprises, learning providers, public institutions, schools and all other places where high qualifications and knowledge are valued.

Since the app can be accessed by a web browser, a user may benefit from the learning resources anywhere and at any time, and the organizer may monitor the progress of particular participants.

The app enables sharing knowledge by means of multimedia materials which allows one to present the learning materials in an interesting and user-friendly way.


  • More opportunities to monitor and control knowledge as data is updated by the system immediately after a test is taken by the user,
  • Reducing the costs related for instance to providing the materials or travelling,
  • Increased work effectiveness due to the option to conduct a training in the workplace, no transportation or accommodation fees,
  • Individual mode of learning adjusted to capabilities of each participant,
  • An attractive way of presenting the knowledge due to the use of interaction and multimedia,
  • Courses available for a large number of recipients at any time and place, accessible by means of a web browser,
  • Reporting scores, preparing statistics and rankings.


  • 3Making training schedules containing training plan divided into groups or individual participants,
  • Sharing in electronic versions training materials presented in the classic text form and in the form of interactive multimedia
  • Outsourcing of knowledge tests for participants with the ability to automatic check of the results immediately after the examination session
  • Assessing the quality of the training by its users based on surveys,
  • The ability to use content at any time and place through access from mobile devices equipped with a Web browser,
  • Reporting the results, presenting statistics and rankings.

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