Debt collection processes

Debt collection processes


Unsettled payments and complex debt collection processes frequently take years, require financial resources and engage many individuals representing different institutions. Softelnet created an IT solution enabling effective debt collection issues management which optimizes writ-of-payment proceedings and enhances enforcement processes. The most important features of the software include:

  • Supporting debt collection processes including effective managing of an employee’s work calendar, reminding about deadlines and keeping a record of contacting a debtor,
  • Full access to information on current debt collection affairs during debt collectors’ field visits by means of a mobile app. Digital maps along with set routes help to plan meetings in an optimal manner,
  • Managing personnel due to supporting the processes of case disposition and visit schedules planning. Keeping a full record of a history of contacts and documentation on each case allows cross-section analysis of employees’ effectiveness,
  • Digitalization of documentation enables easier case archiving, quick history search as well as drawing up reports and business analyses.

Our solution supports and optimizes debt collectors’ activities both while conducting daily duties and in case of big debt collection cases.

We encourage you to learn more about detailed information on Ksavi Workforce mobile personnel management system whose basic functionality may be configured and adjusted to debt collection processes management.

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