MatroX-Sales Insurance – insurance sales support

MatroX-Sales Insurance – insurance sales support


MatroX-Sales Insurance is an IT system supporting insurance sales processes at insurance companies. The system ensures managing many insurance services and products sales channels such as: a broker, a partner, an agent, Internet sales, call-center.

In order to meet expectations of insurance companies, Softelnet provides complete MatroX-Sales Insurance solutions allowing the companies to control sales process, automate reports and raise management standards. High management standards result in controlling, developing and improving quality of processes performed online.

A crucial aspect of MatroX-Sales Insurance system is a central database collecting all kinds of information on sales network supplied by customer apps and co-operating systems (e.g. systems meant for an accounting or HR department). The most important function of a customer app is entering and saving information on each customer and representative, sending this information to the central database and downloading the information entered into the system at the headquarters from the app.


  • Improving the quality of customer service,
  • Making sales processes more effective,
  • Raising work standards,
  • Supporting decision-making processes and planning based on reports,
  • Simplifying settlements between a company insurance and agents,
  • Increasing employees’ effectiveness – reducing the time of reporting to supervisors to minimum,
  • Creating a complete base of knowledge on products, customers and customer relationships,
  • Improving a customer service level,
  • Coordinating particular representatives,
  • Supporting promotional activities,
  • Supporting a representative’s daily work.


Functionality for insurance agents:

  • Registering insurances,
  • Access to up-to-date information on products, special offers, prices,
  • An option to print insurance policies and other required documents,
  • Work organization – creating a schedule of tasks and appointments,
  • Creating customer database and history of all contacts,
  • Settling accounts between an agent and an insurance company,
  • Automatic commission calculation,
  • Managing and settling of pre-numbered forms,
  • Reporting support: generating lists and reports required by an insurance company.

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