Dedicated systems

Dedicated systems


Producing an on-demand IT system is an alternative to existing solutions if standard software is not able to meet clients’ individual needs. It is especially helpful if the nature of a branch, strict security norms or unique procedures make it impossible to apply standard solutions.

Softelnet’s experience in running this kind of projects and expert knowledge ensure that we can offer a broad range of services related to designing and maintaining systems completely adjusted to clients’ needs and business model. We provide services applicable on each stage of software production, namely:

  • Requirement analysis,
  • System design and presenting a prototype of the solution,
  • Software implementation,
  • Product documentation,
  • Implementation and training,
  • Controlling the quality of a manufactured product,
  • Post-implementation support and maintenance,
  • Developing the system, responding to changing business requirements.

We specialize in solutions based (among others) on:

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