Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring


Maintaining high quality in terms of providing telecommunications and Utilities services such as energetic, heating, gas, water and sewage services requires permanent monitoring of the components of a complex infrastructure. Failures and interruptions to provided services often result in significant social damage and high financial penalties. Efficiency of intervention is frequently related to coordinated effort of numerous contractor teams and availability of regularly updated information.

Taking into account responsibility borne by companies operating within this area, Softelnet created s solution which supports the companies in controlling a condition of used infrastructure. Our software enables blending heterogenic monitoring systems into one efficient system ensuring quick analysis of a current situation and taking necessary remedy measures if any problems occur. Our designers used their best efforts in order to ensure management of various kinds of events, i.e. period tasks, priority tasks, SLA tasks and sudden failures.

If you wish to learn more about the capabilities of our solutions, feel free to try our independent product:

Ksavi Monitor – a system designed to automatically monitor infrastructure and dispose of intervention units.

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