SaaS solutions

SaaS solutions


Saas (Software as a Service) model is a way of providing IT solutions in the form of providing services available through a web browser. It means that a company using the app does not need to maintain costly IT infrastructure in order to use a required tool. All responsibilities and costs related to launching and ensuring the continuity of software functioning are in this case borne by the service provider. A common method of settling accounts with a client is a subscription model.

Over the past years, the SaaS model has become popular among business clients, which inspired Softelnet to create a range of IT systems under the common Ksavi brand which are capable of operating within this model.

Softelnet’s excellent understanding of modern times results in the attempt at meeting current needs of IT system users. Our solutions include:

Moreover, Softelnet closely cooperates with other providers of SaaS services. The aim of the cooperation is ensuring possibly highest quality of the provided software and caring about satisfying customer experience.

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