IT system integration

IT system integration


IT system integration services are dedicated mainly to companies with operant IT systems which are not connected in a manner enabling data exchange. Providing such services, mainly in telecommunications branch has been one of the key areas of Softelnet operation for many years.

Softelnet has extensive knowledge and experience in integrating, among others, open OSI (Open System Interconnection) systems equipped with one or more standard data exchange interfaces (such as SNMP, CMIP, CORBA, XML, JDBC, HTML, FTP, LDAP, EJB, RMI) or unusual solutions based on non-standard text protocols (ASCII protocols) We also offer support in implementing and maintaining SOA/EAI solutions, for instance such based on the webMethosds platform.

IT system integration services may be applied in order to:

  • Implement business processes requiring cooperation between heterogenic IT systems at a client’s company,
  • Exchange data between different databases or databases produced by different manufacturers and representing the data of one system in the database of another one,

Share any information stored in the database by using standard ways of data exchange, including ones compliant with SOA/EAI.


  • Ensuring smooth information flow among different systems at a company,
  • Increase of the effectiveness of the company’s business processes,
  • An option to correlate and standardize information stored in different databases,
  • Enabling global insight into a condition of the company’s numerous business fields realized by means of different systems,
  • More effective use of the stored data.

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