MatroX-Sales GSM – GSM products sales support

MatroX-Sales GSM – GSM products sales support


MatroX-Sales GSM is an IT system used for the purpose of specialist trade in the form of managing the extended distribution network of GSM dealers’ products and services. The clear user interface of the system allows the company’s management staff to quickly access any information from the sales network and to have an opportunity to centrally supervise the whole point of sale network (POS).

The system has standard functions which enable: managing distribution network, supporting direct and POS sales, registering customer contacts, controlling work standards and easier settling accounts with an operator. MatroX-Sales GSM system offers help in everyday tasks related to sales of GSM products (phones, accessories etc.), activating and modifying services and mobile service plans, controlling refund amounts, managing a central and POS warehouse, direct sales. Realizing the above-mentioned processes by means of MatroX-Sales GSM allows one to control the product and service sales level on each stage of the company’s organizational structure (point of sale, region-agent, headquarters).


  • Increasing the effectiveness of actions and reducing costs,
  • Automating sales procedures and warehouse service,
  • Improving the processes of settling accounts with an operator,
  • Creating a complete base of knowledge on sales network, product range, amounts of commissions and refunds on each level of organizational structure and on customers,
  • Supervising the whole sales network and subordinate employees,
  • Supporting implementation of salesmen motivational system based on quantity and quality criteria,
  • Managing sales targets and controlling fulfillment of the targets.


  • Special offers (terminal + SIM) for different groups of customers (individual, business ones),
  • Selling additional services,
  • Changing a mobile service plan by a GSM subscriber,
  • Managing a POS warehouse,
  • Calculating refund amounts for particular terminals,
  • Calculating commissions on new activations,
  • Calculating commissions on sold additional services,
  • Controlling refund and commission amounts along with a report provided by a GSM operator,
  • Controlling terminal flow between a central warehouse and a POS warehouse,
  • Making orders by POSs and sales representatives,
  • Analyzing warehouse inventory for each terminal model, SIM card, PrePaid product range,
  • Work schedules for direct sales channel,
  • Contacting business clients,
  • Controlling quality of service and POS visualization.

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