MatroX-Work – worktime management

MatroX-Work – worktime management


MatroX-Work provides a set of tools essential for personnel management in any company. The app was created for companies which would like to strengthen their position on the market by means of the optimal use of their human resources, increase the effectiveness and quality of their work and have full control over the costs of project completion.

Implementing the system allows one to credibly assess the costs of completing particular projects and increase the effectiveness and quality of work. The biggest advantage, however, is determining the indicators which present the profits and losses borne by the company as a result of its employees’ actions. Correlating worktime control system data and quality control system data enables up-to-date evaluation of each employee’s worth. Modes of analyses and reports enable using the collected data in order to make strategic decisions connected with realizing future projects and HR policies.


  • Access to a database containing information on each employee’s potential,
  • An opportunity to improve the quality and effectiveness of work,
  • Easier project management,
  • Reliable information on generated costs,
  • An opportunity to reduce the costs,
  • Supporting decision-making processes in terms of personnel management (motivational systems, employee evaluation).


  • 5Copying the company’s organizational structure as divided into organizational units,
  • Keeping a record of tasks,
  • Worktime management,
  • Assigning tasks to employees and project management,
  • Leave planning,
  • Filling periodic performance appraisal sheets and coach forms,
  • Reports on task completion,
  • Performance appraisal rankings,
  • A list of works in particular projects,
  • Summaries of coach meetings,
  • Integration with a company’s electronic worktime control infrastructure and control over access to premises,
  • Architecture guaranteeing an opportunity to develop the system and adjust it to particular requirements.



Application presentation MatroX-Work in PDF format.

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