Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence


Softelnet is a distributor of the Oracle Business Intelligence (Oracle BI) product and provides services of implementing this solution at companies. Oracle BI is a complex tool designed to conduct a multi-dimensional analysis of various data influencing a company’s operation. Contrary to other solutions of this kind, its components are integrated within one common architecture, which enables easy and intuitive access to a full set of required information. The basic aim of the software is ensuring that management staff has access to data necessary to effective operating, managing and increasing the competitiveness of a company.

Oracle BI solution ensures, among others,:

  • Integrated management of efficiency indicators and a company’s strategy,
  • Preventive detecting and warning against negative trends,
  • Multistage analytical process,
  • Supporting the decision-making process,
  • Up-to-date and easily accesses information on the condition of a company,
  • Advanced functions designed to draw up and publish reports/
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  • Standardized, multi-dimensional information model consisting of data from many sources, including relationship databases, OLAP sources and singular files by means of a common user interface,
  • Access to information by means of numerous access channels and, at the same time, ensuring maintaining data cohesion and correctness,
  • Predictive access to information in real-time due to linking past data to the current one. Analyses of “what happened” and “what happens now” type and determining the possibilities of developing the situation,
  • Led analysis and an option to incur business processes directly out of Oracle BI system allow one to quickly make relevant decisions in a given context,
  • Short payback time and successful completion of a Business Intelligence project thanks to analytical apps for ERP and CRM systems.
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Presentation of Oracle Business Intelligence in PDF format


Description of Oracle Business Intelligence in PDF format

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