Ksavi MVNO – virtual network operator management system

Ksavi MVNO – virtual network operator management system


Ksavi MVNO is an IT system enabling management of a mobile virtual network. It is meant for the companies which would like to extend their offer by mobile phone services.

CRM mode, SIM card storage, a report engine and mechanism of communicating with structural operators ensure a complex solution for managing a virtual network.

Due to maintaining an appropriate security level and implementing basic processes conducted between operators (e.g. porting of numbers), the system may be quickly launched and, at the same time, fulfill formal requirements of regulating institutions such as GIODO and UKE.

An intuitive user interface, a built-in process engine and a flexible authorization system enable adjusting the system to the virtual operator’s individual need.


  • 6Supporting business processes of a virtual operator due to the use and appropriate configuration of a process engine. The built-in process of mobile number portability (MNP) is compatible with the current standard and may be applied in case of each Polish mobile phone operator,
  • Short implementation period thanks to flexible mechanisms of communication between operators and initially configured basic processes,
  • Automation of processes due to which the employees do not have to perform them the processes themselves,
  • Ensuring high quality of customer service due to reducing the time required to find necessary information or perform operations related to the customer’s enquiry,
  • Full access to data concerning the current customers’ accounts balance allows one to quickly resolve a customer’s doubts without having to pass the enquiry on to the structural operator,
  • High level of data security ensured by numerous access security mechanisms and data encoding.


  • Keeping a record of SIM cards, MSISDN accounts and customers’ data fulfilling the high-level requirements of security measures specified in the appendix to the Journal of Laws 2004 no. 100 item 1024,
  • Integration with structural operators’ infrastructure by means of dedicated communication modes. Two-way data exchange enables synchronization of information on provisioning, billing, CRM and report data,
  • An extended process engine which enables adjusting built-in processes to one’s own needs and quick implementation of new specific processes improving the work of MVNO,
  • Managing mobile phones fee schedules along with managing the available packets and services,
  • Business reports (e.g. billings, mobile top-ups, number activations) and operational reports (e.g. information on conducted modifications of the system data) guarantee extensive knowledge on a virtual operator’s actions,
  • Managing mobile number portability compatible with the currently used standards enabling migration of numbers in case of all available operators. Full automation of the process ensures a practically self-maintenance realization of porting of numbers.

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