MatroX-Sales Pharma – medical representatives support

MatroX-Sales Pharma – medical representatives support


MatroX-Pharma is an IT system which productively supports medical representatives’ operations. The aim of the system is to simplify and systematize realization of everyday medical appointments. The system helps a medical representative to perform their daily work, from planning tasks which are to be completed in a given period, through completing the tasks, to reporting the visits to the representative’s supervisor. Due to frequent updates of system data, supervisors have insight into the current situation in their regions, including detailed actions undertaken by medical representatives.

Thanks to extensive analytical functions of the system, management staff receives processed data concerning direct promotion of meds in a readable and clear form, which gives them opportunity to make accurate strategic decisions.


  • Reducing costs thanks to improving processes and optimizing work time,
  • Increasing effectiveness of medical representatives’ actions,
  • Improving medical representatives’ work,
  • Reducing the time of reporting on work results,
  • Receiving a complete base of knowledge on customers and the history of contacts, products, competition activities,
  • Supporting promotional actions,
  • Supporting decision-making processes.


  • Planning and realizing pharmacy and medical appointments,
  • Filling surveys, forms and documents during the visits,
  • Reporting on customer needs to the headquarters,
  • Collecting data on customers and competition activities,
  • Registering information on left samples,
  • Marketing and promotional actions management,
  • Insight into a history of visits (in the hospital, at the pharmacy etc.),
  • Access to messages sent from the headquarters and other divisions.

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